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Some new recommendations of the American Academy of Dermatology may relate to lymphedema prevention and treatment.

As part of their Choosing Wisely® campaign, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) encourages patients and doctors to discuss their options. The American Academy of Dermatology released on August 20 new recommendations regarding dermatologic tests and treatments that are not always necessary. Board-certified dermatologist Mark Lebwohl, MD, FAAD, president of the Academy explained "By identifying procedures that may not be necessary, the Academy's new Choosing Wisely® list can help patients with skin, hair and nail conditions start a conversation with their dermatologist about what tests and treatments are right for them."

One of their new recommendations concerns the differential diagnosis and treatment of bilateral lower limb swelling and redness:

The other recommendation I noted as relating to reducing lymphedema risk was presented in the AAD Choosing Wisely® list in 2003 concerns the use of sentinel node dissection on early melanoma:

Further information may be seen on the AAD website at