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Q: I have a pump for my legs and it has worked well for me. However, the doctor has told me that we need to look at getting a pump that includes garments for the abdominal area. SO, what does he need to do to justify getting that new pump for my condition? Thank you for saying not all pumps are alike because some are ordering them out of catalogs with no medical supervision and that's not good in my view.

A: In order to justify a pump which includes abdominal garments your treating physician must justify the need on the basis that your current treatment/pump is not treating your abdominal lymphedema, and may even be creating a lymphedema problem in your abdomen because of the lack of compression there. His referral/prescription must describe precisely what type of pump and appliances (garments) that will be appropriate for your specific case. Measurements over the years showing the history of your abdominal measurements would support this argument.

As for appropriateness of the various types of pumps available, I suggest that you download a copy of the discussion on Sequential Compression Devices on my LymphActivist's Site at Your physician and therapist might wish to read it also.