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Q. I am experiencing redness and pain in my breast and under my arm. My physician says that it is a usual condition after being treated for breast cancer, and it will gradually improve as time goes on. Is there anything I can do to feel better?

A. Get a referral to a qualified lymphedema therapist. These are usually physical therapists, occupational therapists or massage therapists who have had additional lymphedema training above their basic therapy license and have passed exams and are certified to treat lymphedema patients. Look for a "CLT" or even better a "CLT-LANA" after their name.

ometimes the lymphedema is limited to your arm and hand. This "upper extremity lymphedema" is the one that has received the most attention. But there are about the same number of breast cancer survivors who are affected by breast and truncal lymphedema, with or without upper extremity lymphedema. The treatment of breast lymphedema, which involves swelling, redness, pain and frequent skin infections of the breast and trunk mostly involves manual lymph drainage, skin creams and mild compression. Your qualified lymphedema therapist can tell you what you require, and teach you home care protocols.

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