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Dedicated to Lymphedema Patients and the Therapists Who Treat Them

Our Purpose

The purpose of this web site is to help lymphedema patients and their therapists by keeping them informed. The content will be both current and prospective, alerting readers not only of treatment and coverage status, but of upcoming changes and needs for the future. As such, the material presented may sometimes be unfamiliar, may represent current conditions needing change, present controversial proposals, and express ideas or viewpoints which might differ from those popularly held.

The subject matter will concern mainly issues that I have had to address and research in conjunction with the treatment of Pearl's lymphedema and the issues of the hundreds of lymphedema patients I have assisted. We will discuss topics such as: pathologies of the lymphatic system and secondary sequelae such as cellulitis and carpal tunnel syndrome; radiotherapy, informed consent and breast lymphedema; measurement, incidence and prevalence of lymphedema; lymphedema treatment modalities; pneumatic sequential compression devices; cost-efficacy of lymphedema treatment; Medicare and insurance coverage or non-coverage of the treatment of lymphedema; billing and coding issues; claims denials and appeals; advocacy; and available patient resources.

If my web site helps the patient and therapist, I have achieved my first goal. If it provokes thought and discussion and exposes additional evidence to prove or disprove any position espoused, I have achieved my second goal. And if my web site encourages positive action to change a deficient condition then I have been completely successful.

I welcome discussions of the ideas I present so long as the discussion is supported by scientific or clinical evidence and patient experience and discussions are maintained at an objective level. I reject and will not respond to innuendo, rumor and personal attacks.

This site is solely supported by Robert Weiss, and I eschew contributions from any commercial enterprise. The opinions I express are based on my research of the literature and experience, and I make every effort to cite peer-reviewed and clinical evidence to support my statements. I do not represent any organizations or manufacturers, I do not endorse any products or services, and receive no remuneration for any opinions expressed on this web site.