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National Institutes of Health Cinical Trials Involving Lymphedema
NCT NumberTitleRecruitmentStudy Results
NCT00944944Gynecologic Cancer Lymphedema Questionnaire as a Clinical Care Tool to Identify Lower Extremity LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00282529Identification of a Screening Tool and Treatment of Lymphedema Secondary to the Management of Breast Cancer StudyTerminatedNo Results Available
NCT00959985Early Detection and Intervention for Mild and Moderate Lymphedema in Patients Treated for Breast CancerRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00376597Education W/W-O Exercise & Counseling to Prevent LE in Women With Stage I, II, or III BC Undergoing ALNDRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01019512Flexitouch Lymphedema System in Treating Stage II Lymphedema in Patients With Breast CancerTerminatedNo Results Available
NCT00214032Pycnogenol for the Treatment of LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01273909Outcomes After Perforator Flap Reconstruction for Breast Reconstruction and/or Lymphedema TreatmentEnrolling by invitationNo Results Available
NCT01003951Acupuncture for the Treatment of Chronic LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00951470Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) for Treatment of Head and Neck LymphedemaWithdrawnNo Results Available
NCT00769821The Impact of Lymphedema on Breast Cancer SurvivorsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00956670Lymphedema After Surgery in Patients With Endometrial Cancer, Cervical Cancer, or Vulvar CancerNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00760123Lymphedema Prevention in Breast CancerRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00757406Assessment of Unilateral Lymphoedema of the LegCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01068431Short Term Effectiveness Study of Juxta-Fit Versus Trico Bandages in the Treatment of Leg LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01098669Impact of Secondary Lymphedema on Symptoms, Functional Status, and QoL After Treatment of Head and Neck CancerCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01550250Night-time Compression Systems for Breast Cancer Related LymphedemaActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00840814Developing a Checklist of Lymphedema Symptoms in Patients With Head and Neck CancerCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01276054Sentinel and/or ALND W/W-O Axillary Reverse Mapping to Reduce Incidence & Severity of Arm LE in Stage 0-2 PatientsTerminatedNo Results Available
NCT01112189Use of Stem Cells in Lymphedema Post MastectomyCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01543711Long Term Follow-up of Persistent Pain, Sensory Disturbances and Lymphedema After Breast Cancer TreatmentCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00028951Fibrin Sealant in Decreasing Lymphedema Following Surgery to Remove Lymph Nodes in Patients With Vulva Cancer CompletedNo Results Available
NCT01748604Physical Therapies in the Decongestive Treatment of LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01706081Acupuncture for Chronic LymphedemaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00194363Strength Training Intervention for Breast Cancer Survivors and the Effects on Lymphedema StatusActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00498771Aquatic Exercise Study for Breast Cancer Patients With LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00213928Horse Chestnut Seed Extract for LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00880022Home-based Compression Therapy for Arm and Truncal Lymphedema in Breast CancerCompletedHas Results
NCT01406769BIS in Detecting Lower-Extremity LE in Patients With Stage I-IV Vulvar Cancer Undergoing Surgery & LymphadenectomyRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01187173The Fibrosis-Lymphedema Continuum in Head and Neck CancerActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00577317Flexitouch or Standard Home Maintenance Tx for Lower-Extremity LE due to Cervical, Vulvar, or Endometrial Cancer TxTerminatedNo Results Available
NCT01521000The Use of Bioimpedance to Determine Pre-Clinical Lymphedema in the Post-Operative Breast Cancer PatientRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00852930Low Level Laser Treatment and Breast Cancer Related LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01239160Two Pneumatic Compression Devices in the Treatment of Lower Extremity LymphedemaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01893879Ketoprofen in Preventing Lymphedema in Patients At High Risk After Undergoing Axillary Lymph Node DissectionNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00077090Hyperbaric Oxygen VS Standard Therapy for Chronic Arm LE in Patients Who Have Undergone Radiation Therapy for CAActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00951067Pneumatic Compression Treatment For Upper Extremity Acquired LymphedemaTerminatedNo Results Available
NCT01115374Lymphedema Therapy With Sound Wave Lymphatic DrainageCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01385488Bioelectrical Impedance for Self-monitoring of LymphedemaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00932035Axillary Lymph Node Preservation Surgery in Reducing Lymphedema in Patients With Breast CancerRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00665379Comparative Trial in Compression Therapy in Leg LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00201890Trial of Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy for Lymphedema in Women With Breast Cancer "DELTA STUDY"CompletedNo Results Available
NCT00202046Predictors of Lymphedema Following Breast Cancer SurgeryCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00679185Expressive Writing in Improving Quality of Life in Patients With Breast Cancer and LymphedemaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00604994Prospective Evaluation of Lymphoedema Among Patients With Gynaecological CancerCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01079299Effect of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression on Ulcer Healing in Subjects With Secondary LymphedemaCompletedHas Results
NCT01779063Promoting Adherence to Lymphedema Self-careRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01336790National Lymphatic Disease and Lymphedema RegistryRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00827372Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Inhibition in Patients With Unilateral Upper Extremity LE Following CA TxActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00318513Safety Study of Bevacizumab to Treat Women With a History of Breast Cancer and Suffering From Upper Extremity LENot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00633971Treatment Trial for Post-Thrombotic SyndromeActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00383500Lymphedema Prophylaxis in Breast Cancer Survivors Who Show Early Evidence of High-risk StatusRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01672125Effect of Upper Limb Posture on Limb Volume as Expressed in Circumference in Healthy Women VS Women With BCRLNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01152099Contribution of Manual Lymph Drainage in Complex Physical Therapy for Patients With LE Secondary to MastectomyRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00828516Using Traditional Acupuncture in the Management of Cancer Treatment Related LymphoedemaCompletedHas Results
NCT01351376LLLT Combined With CDT in Breast Cancer-Related LymphedemaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01521741Prospective Analysis of Symptoms and Lymphedema in Patients Following Treatment for Breast CancerRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00670644Self-Care for Lymphedema in Patients With Breast CancerCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00984269Lymphedema Following Hand/Wrist Surgery in Women Post Axillary Node DissectionRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00064857Pycnogenol for the Treatment of Lymphedema of the Arm in Breast Cancer SurvivorsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00393497A Pilot Study of VEGF Inhibition in Patients With Lymphedema Following Breast Cancer TreatmentCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00188604The Use of Selenium to Treat Secondary Lymphedema - Breast CancerCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00766935The Equivalency of the Imp SFB7+ (L-Dex U400) With the Imp XCA DeviceCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01828606Comparative Trial to Monitor Interface Pressure in Relation to Volume Change in Leg LymphoedemaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01599039Study the Usefulness of Bio-impedance Spectroscopy in the Early Assessment of Breast Cancer Related LymphoedemaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01096589Assessment of 3M Oedema Reduction System in the Treatment of LE Compared to Commercial Short-stretch BandageCompletedHas Results
NCT01580800National Breast Cancer and Lymphedema RegistryRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00495950Prospective Measurement of Post-Treatment LymphedemaActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00139100Evaluation of Antibacterial Soap for Treatment of Lymphedema in a Filariasis-Endemic AreaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01515124The Women In Steady Exercise Research (WISER) Survivor TrialRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00383604Breast Cancer Lymphedema: Role of Insulin Resistance/FOXC2CompletedNo Results Available
NCT00022204Vitamin E and Pentoxifylline in Treating Women With Lymphedema After Radiation Therapy for Breast CancerActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00816985Liposuction for Arm Lymphedema Following Breast Cancer SurgeryActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00935714Exercise and BCRL: Influence of Muscle Group and Sequence on Volume Change in Swollen and Normal ArmsRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00589121Image-Guided RTx in Treating Patients With Primary Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the Shoulder, Arm, Hip, or LegActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01544335Evaluation of BIS for Quantification of LymphedemaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00833599Imaging Lymphatic Function in Normal Subjects and in Persons With Lymphatic DisordersRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00155220Treatment of Lymphedema: Application of the Kinesio TapingRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01574911Validation of a New Method of Limb VolumetryRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01649089Studying the Physical Function and Quality of Life Before and After Surgery in Patients With Stage I Cervical CancerRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01864044Prospective Observational Lymphoedema Intensive TreatmentCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01279018Persistent Pain After Breast Cancer Treatment With DocetaxelCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01470378Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Women Undergone to Thigh LiftingRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00743314Single-Photon Emission CT, CT Lymphoscintigraphy, and IMRT for Patients after Surgery for Stage I-II BCActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01381315Axillary Reverse MappingActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00058851Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment-Related Swelling of the ArmsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01318785Therapeutical Assessment of Compression Armsleeves for Lymphatic IndicationsRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01901094Lymph Node Dissection and RTx in Treating Patients With BC Previously Treated With Chemotherapy and SurgeryNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00005600Axillary Drainage Following Lymph Node Dissection in Women With Stage I or Stage II Breast CancerActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01157767Exercise Program of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy With or Without RadiationActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01833156Validation of the MoistureMeterD in Local Edema by HistamineCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00572481Axillary Reverse MappingRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00780312Physiotherapy Treatment for Patients Suffering From Head and Neck CancerCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01225783The Validity and Reliability of Self Measurement of Upper Limb VolumeRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01255631Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) and Post-Axillary Surgery MorbidityTerminatedNo Results Available
NCT01523132Persistent Pain After Breast Cancer Treatment (PPBCT) - Risk Factors and Pathophysiological MechanismsRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01526486Videoscopic Versus Open Inguinal Lymphadenectomy for CancerSuspendedNo Results Available
NCT01427166Non-Invasive Imaging for Cording in Breast Cancer PatientsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00215280Epidemiology and Control of Mansonella Perstans Infection in UgandaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01038908Breast Lymph Node MappingNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01629771Disability and Quality of Life in Patients With Lymphatic Filariasis in Rural Southern IndiaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01849224Randomized Trial of Exercise on Lower Extremity Edema After Lymphadenectomy in Gynecologic CancerRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00717886Upper Extremity Lymphatic Mapping for Breast Cancer PatientsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01669187The Effects of Pre-operative Physical Therapy EducationNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01433302Inflammatory Response and Tissue Fibrosis/ Lymphatico-venous BypassRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00027105Morbidity Following the Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients With Breast CancerCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00027118Morbidity After Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer PatientsSuspendedNo Results Available
NCT01905826Natural History Study of GATA2 Deficiency and Related DisordersRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01819831A Phase II Trial of Preoperative Proton Therapy in Soft-tissue Sarcomas of the Extremities and Body WallRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00115713Effects of Aerobic Exercise Versus Weight Training in Breast Cancer Survivors During ChemotherapyCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01166672BCRL Prevention PilotCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00287196Immediate Radiotherapy or Observation After Surgery for Melanoma Involving Lymph NodesCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00552799RCT to Investigate if Prophylactic Antibiotics Prevent Further Episodes of Cellulitis (Erysipelas) of the LegCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00002189Paclitaxel in Advanced Refractory Kaposi's Sarcoma (AIDS-KS): Phase II Trial of Paclitaxel From Baker Norton PharmaCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00005906Treatment With Octreotide in Patients With LymphangioleiomyomatosisCompletedHas Results
NCT00504582Fibrin Melanoma Axillary Node Study in Patients With MelanomaActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00506311Evaluating the Use of Fibrin Tissue Adhesive in Melanoma PatientsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01468766Effects of a Supervised Progressive Resistance Training With Breast Cancer Patients During Adjuvant RadiotherapyActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01089933Reducing Pain and Disability After Breast Cancer SurgeryRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01795092A Study Assessing the Impact of Dermatology Consultation in Patients Presenting With Possible CellulitisCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01706913Study Assessing Impact of Dermatology Consultation for Patients Admitted With CellulitisNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00175344Does Scar Massage Improve Postoperative Pain and Function in Women With Breast Cancer?Active, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00968318Excision of Strip of Deep Fascia to Reduce Seroma Formation and Extrusion of Tissue ExpandersCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00324272Post-Operative Drainage Following Lymph Node DissectionCompletedHas Results
NCT01731769Preventing Seroma Formation After Axillary Lymph Node Dissection for Breast Cancer by Early Vacuum Assisted ClosureNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT01351844Computer Based Educational Module for the Reduction of Arthralgia Syndrome Associated With Endocrine Therapy for BCRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01734499The Change Cycle Intervention for Improving Quality of Life in Breast Cancer SurvivorsRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00534937Flexitouch Compression System for Venous Stasis UlcerTerminatedHas Results
NCT00511004Effect of Albendazole Dose on Treatment of Lymphatic FilariasisActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00339417Effect of Albendazole Dose on Clearance of Filarial WormsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT00145223Research for Elim of FilariasisCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01160523Promoting Consistent Shoe Use Among Children At High Risk for PodoconiosisRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01905423Optimization of Mass Drug Administration With Existing Drug Regimens for Lymphatic Filariasis and OnchocerciasisRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00406627Research for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (ICIDR)CompletedNo Results Available
NCT00001230Host Response to Infection and Treatment in Filarial DiseasesRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01905436Mass Drug Administration With Existing Drug Regimens for Lymphatic Filariasis and Onchocerciasis for LiberiaRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT01903057Safety Study of Combined Azithromycin, Ivermectin and Albendazole for Trachoma and Lymphatic FilariasisNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00471666Medical Implications of Coinfection With Malaria and Filariasis ParasitesCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01586169Safety of the Co-administration of Three Drugs for Trachoma and Lymphatic Filariasis EliminationCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01213576Efficacy of Higher Albendazole and Ivermectin Doses on Wuchereria Bancrofti Microfilarial Clearance in MalawiActive, not recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00375583Effect of Albendazole Dose on Clearance of Filarial WormsCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01547884Effect of Filarial Infection on Immune Responses in Latent TuberculosisNot yet recruitingNo Results Available
NCT00340691Doxycycline to Treat Mansonella Perstans Infection in Patients With and Without Lymphatic FilariasisCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01628497Exhaled NO Testing in FilariasisRecruitingNo Results Available
NCT00295698Interaction Between HIV and Lymphatic FilariasisCompletedNo Results Available
NCT01659437WHO Drug Study for Buruli Ulcer - Comparison of SR8 and CR8RecruitingNo Results Available